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Spa Day

Went to The Scotsman Spa today with my mum, Lindsey and Chelsey. That place is like being on The Crystal Maze. Reception gives you a key, you go down a lift, through the locked door, across a wooden bridge, up another lift and into the spa. There are more bridges within, leading through a rabbit’s warren of treatment rooms. Chelsey and I went first, and got wonderful massages with an exfoliating treatment. I had hurt my shoulder last night and the therapist managed to just gently pop it back into place. Had a file and polish afterwards and even got to keep the colour of our choice (I opted for a sea foam green.)

We met up with my dad at Tiger Lily for lunch (wild boar burger-yum!) then came back to mine so my parents could take my dress back up to Aberdeen. Have submitted final table plan to the venue. It’s all starting to feel more real now!

I have been loving blogging from our new iPad the last two nights. I am a convert! Never saw the point in them until owning one (even if it was just purchased for djing our wedding playlist.)

Tonight sees us finishing centrepieces, Al doing table signs and me making some more silk flowers. Tomorrow is hair dying time with the always lovely Robyn, finalising bouquet and starting to pack up stuff for the tables.


The last week

It’s down to the final week before the wedding (actually 6 days to go) and I’ve been repeatedly told that it will fly past. I’d like to try and retain the memories of the rush of the last 7 days of planning. So here is the first of 6 posts running up to the big day!

Yesterday was incredible. We woke early and went to our first ever car boot sale, on the hunt for the last of our bits and pieces to make the centrepieces. It didn’t prove as fruitful as hoped, but we got a pretty good haul, as well as a strong desire to go back there once we have some free cash and have a good root around the jewellery and antiques. We hit a few charity shops afterwards and majorly confused one of the poor volunteers with our request for as many old looking hardback books as possible. Did titles matter? Of course not!

Home by lunchtime, we cleared away the wedding craft mess for Jen coming down for hen part deux.


Last night Jen and I met up with Jodie, Jana, Emma, Sabrina and Robyn for yummy dinner at Hamilton’s before heading to Supercube to join Caroline and enjoy some private room karaoke. Belted out the hits, went for a bit of a dance and then fairly early to bed.

Today was productive. Al has been sorting out our playlist and I finished making all but one of the centrepieces, until I burned my finger on the glue gun. Sad face.

Tomorrow brings a small respite for me at a spa day with my mum and sisters. Poor Al has to work.


What a weekend!! Seriously exhausted from the hen to end all hen do’s. Gonna do my best to recap everything, with pictures stolen from Caro’s facebook.

Saturday morning saw an early start (I was up at 6!!) with an 8am meeting at Starbucks. Time for a quick coffee before we set up Bruntsfield Place to the wonderfully kitsch Miss Dixiebell where I was treated to a vintage inspired hairdo and makeover.




The makeover girls were a little late showing up so I had to get my make-up done swiftly, with the finishing touches being put on while Caro sat outside in a taxi. We got to tell the driver to ‘step on it!’ to make it to the train station with moments to spare. We still managed to stop and snap some photos, Caro and I in the cab and Jennifer (my lovely sis-in-law-to-be) and I waiting for the train.

We were met in Glasgow by Andrea and a car decked out in bunting, balloons and photos of me (sneakily supplied by Al).

We headed off on a mystery tour, and once I saw the familiar roundabout at Loch Lomond, I had my suspicions, although nothing could have prepared me for what came next:

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and croquet on the banks of Loch Lomond, an activity that prompted several passing cars to beep at us!!

After a game of no rules which I still won (like the Red Queen), we drove round to my favourite spot in Scotland, Cameron House, for luxury fine dining at the fantastic Martin Wishart. We sipped on champagne and ate delicious bread, haggis croquettes, parmesan choux pastry, pea and bacon soup with a poached egg, salmon, John Dory and langoustines, confit duck leg, chocolate tart and passion fruit souffle. Well, we ate all of that collectively, not individually!!

We left Cameron House, snapping pics of some of their quirky-traditional decor on the way out:

We got into Glasgow, dropped off the car and taxied to Malmaison in the centre of town. More champagne was sipped in our hotel room while we got ready to head out for dinner at Hummingbird, where we had a private (albeit really bloody hot) room for food and karaoke. Still full from lunch, I don’t think any of us finished our dinner or wine, before we stuck on the karaoke machine and, still fairly sober, sung our way through a number of classics, and not so classics. Jennifer’s choice of 500 Miles brought up a completely different version to  The Proclaimers’ version we all know. Ever the pro, Jennifer sang this unheard before song in a Spanish accent, accompanied by a video of some very 90s Latin dancers. We laughed so hard it hurt!! We made use of the dress up box in the room, like a bunch of dorks. Other highlights included Jennifer and my flawless version of Ice Ice Baby, Caro’s rendition of Chasing Cars in a thick Belfast accent, interpretive dancing to Adele’s Someone Like You (sung beautifully by Andrea), and the four of us belting out Alanis Morissette’s You Outta Know at the top of our lungs like a group of scorned women, despite all being happily married (or almost married in my case). We ended the karaoke fest with a nostalgic duo of Ryan Adams songs.

We left Hummingbird and went to the ultra-glam Blythswood Square hotel for cocktails, before heading back to Malmaison to drink more champagne and have a wee pyjama party, complete with face masks and pampering sets kindly supplied by Al’s mum.

We had a really yummy early breakfast on Sunday morning, which we ate in spite of still feeling a bit full from the night before, and checked out, saying goodbye to Andrea and getting on the world’s longest (in time not length) train back to Edinburgh. I got home about lunchtime and had to nap for 3 hours just to recover.

So well done and thanks to Jennifer, Caro and Andrea for their fantastic and creative planning to make the best henny a girl could ask for, and for managing to keep the whole day a secret from me!! I feel so special and it was truly the best way to bid farewell to my being a Miss.





Let’s get nuts!!

This week has been non-stop, relentless planning. I had my hair trial on Thursday, up in Aberdeen, so had to get a 7.30 train to get there on time. After 3 hours in the hairdresser’s chair, I ran to meet my very talented friend and cake baker, Caitlin, who made my jaw hit the floor with her sketch. She’d taken all of the details I’d given her about the wedding and managed to translate my ideal cake onto paper. I’m so, so excited for people to see what she’s come up with, it’s incredible.

I met up with Chris, my photographer to head out to Norwood and mark our ideal spots for photography. That place takes my breath away every time I see it. Chris and I have had some really cool ideas for the photography, including a photo-booth during the reception. I’ve started making some speech bubble signs for people to hold in the photos.

Fine-tuned some of the details with the events girls there, then went to see my folks and try on my whole wedding outfit. Everything looked awesome, my shoes fit like a dream, although my silk bouquet needs a couple minor tweaks that I can work on this week.

I met up with Milo, one of my besties and also my ring maker (heh), and saw the sapphire that’s going in my wedding ring. It’s stunning!! I can’t wait to see the ring.

Have also started my table plan, which I’m sure is going to give me no end of headaches. Colour-coding in Excel is my best friend right now.

We also finally managed to find our second reading for the ceremony. I had been looking at Offbeat Bride and even The Knot for inspiration but nothing was really fitting, although I was really taken by a particular passage, if only to hear my friend Stuart comparing me to a lute during the reading. But finally it hit me! Neil Gaiman, my favourite author, must have written something! A quick Google search and I had it. Al liked it too, and when I emailed it to Stuart, he thought it was perfect. Plus Stuart bears a more than passing to The Sandman, if Morpheus weren’t a goth, so it will fit.

Shoes, Shoes, Let’s Get Some Shoes

Today I ventured into the rather daunting Harvey Nicols in Edinburgh, made my way up one escalator, got a bit lost, found my way back onto the next escalator, and finally stumbled upon the shoe department. I needed Louboutins, and I needed them now! Actually, I just needed to try the wonderful things on, make sure they fit, and promptly brief my poor dad on the size and style to get.


Not the actual ones I've gone for!

I almost cried when they fit me perfectly, my pupils turned heart-shaped, and the lovely and very helpful sales girl got really excited when I told them they were for my wedding. I can’t wait to get the all-important shoe pics on the day.

Stressed and sleepless

Hello! Welcome to the wedding blog. We’ve been meaning to make this since we got engaged, but, like a lot of engaged couples, we had about a year of not really thinking about wedding stuff, bar the initial bookings, and now we’re up against the wire.

Obviously we weren't too busy to let Mario snap a few engagement shots

Okay, so there’s just under 12 weeks to go. Invitations (my future mother-in-law keeps yelling at me for saying ‘invites) were sent last week, dress is safely stored at my parents’, fascinator/veil has been made, so we’re pretty set, but I still feel like I have a million things to do:

  • Make flowers
  • Make bouquets from said flowers
  • Decide on cake
  • Choose menu (and wine!)
  • Finish centrepieces
  • Order favours
  • Try on shoes
  • Get accessories
  • Get make-up
  • Have final hair trial
  • Discuss photography styles with photographer
  • Sort out music situation for reception
  • Decide on ceremony music
  • Make orders of service
  • Seating plan (I have had a vague idea of this in my head since we got engaged, and I don’t even know who’s going to be there!)

And I guess this stress is why I’m up at 1.40 am, creating a blog, when I should be asleep. Getting up in a little over 4 hours and have a hectic day at work, followed by a work event. I just want to wear out my brain.