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Our Wonderland wedding

We’re getting married on 6th August, in Aberdeen, Scotland. We’re going a little bit traditional and having a church/country house, but we’re going the quirky route for pretty much everything else. I don’t want to give too much away, although those that know me will have heard the details blabbed at them over and over again. But for those that haven’t, I want to get the wow/shock/humour factor just right on the day. But Wonderland has been a huge inspiration in the planning stages, I can say that much.

It’s been about 18 months in planning so far, since Al’s ‘so-impromptu-he-surprised-even-himself’ proposal in December 09. 2.5 more months to go. I have been to one wedding fair, tried on one dress, and pretty much invented the look and feel of the day in my head, over the 3 sleepless-with-excitement nights following our engagement. My ideas have developed thanks to the likes of Offbeat Bride, Rock N Roll Bride and 100 Layer Cake, although I do have a soft spot for Martha Stewart.


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