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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Spa Day

Went to The Scotsman Spa today with my mum, Lindsey and Chelsey. That place is like being on The Crystal Maze. Reception gives you a key, you go down a lift, through the locked door, across a wooden bridge, up another lift and into the spa. There are more bridges within, leading through a rabbit’s warren of treatment rooms. Chelsey and I went first, and got wonderful massages with an exfoliating treatment. I had hurt my shoulder last night and the therapist managed to just gently pop it back into place. Had a file and polish afterwards and even got to keep the colour of our choice (I opted for a sea foam green.)

We met up with my dad at Tiger Lily for lunch (wild boar burger-yum!) then came back to mine so my parents could take my dress back up to Aberdeen. Have submitted final table plan to the venue. It’s all starting to feel more real now!

I have been loving blogging from our new iPad the last two nights. I am a convert! Never saw the point in them until owning one (even if it was just purchased for djing our wedding playlist.)

Tonight sees us finishing centrepieces, Al doing table signs and me making some more silk flowers. Tomorrow is hair dying time with the always lovely Robyn, finalising bouquet and starting to pack up stuff for the tables.