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Let’s get nuts!!

This week has been non-stop, relentless planning. I had my hair trial on Thursday, up in Aberdeen, so had to get a 7.30 train to get there on time. After 3 hours in the hairdresser’s chair, I ran to meet my very talented friend and cake baker, Caitlin, who made my jaw hit the floor with her sketch. She’d taken all of the details I’d given her about the wedding and managed to translate my ideal cake onto paper. I’m so, so excited for people to see what she’s come up with, it’s incredible.

I met up with Chris, my photographer to head out to Norwood and mark our ideal spots for photography. That place takes my breath away every time I see it. Chris and I have had some really cool ideas for the photography, including a photo-booth during the reception. I’ve started making some speech bubble signs for people to hold in the photos.

Fine-tuned some of the details with the events girls there, then went to see my folks and try on my whole wedding outfit. Everything looked awesome, my shoes fit like a dream, although my silk bouquet needs a couple minor tweaks that I can work on this week.

I met up with Milo, one of my besties and also my ring maker (heh), and saw the sapphire that’s going in my wedding ring. It’s stunning!! I can’t wait to see the ring.

Have also started my table plan, which I’m sure is going to give me no end of headaches. Colour-coding in Excel is my best friend right now.

We also finally managed to find our second reading for the ceremony. I had been looking at Offbeat Bride and even The Knot for inspiration but nothing was really fitting, although I was really taken by a particular passage, if only to hear my friend Stuart comparing me to a lute during the reading. But finally it hit me! Neil Gaiman, my favourite author, must have written something! A quick Google search and I had it. Al liked it too, and when I emailed it to Stuart, he thought it was perfect. Plus Stuart bears a more than passing to The Sandman, if Morpheus weren’t a goth, so it will fit.


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Event planner in the final stages of planning my own eccentric, DIY-filled, quirky yet traditional wedding.

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