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Stressed and sleepless

Hello! Welcome to the wedding blog. We’ve been meaning to make this since we got engaged, but, like a lot of engaged couples, we had about a year of not really thinking about wedding stuff, bar the initial bookings, and now we’re up against the wire.

Obviously we weren't too busy to let Mario snap a few engagement shots

Okay, so there’s just under 12 weeks to go. Invitations (my future mother-in-law keeps yelling at me for saying ‘invites) were sent last week, dress is safely stored at my parents’, fascinator/veil has been made, so we’re pretty set, but I still feel like I have a million things to do:

  • Make flowers
  • Make bouquets from said flowers
  • Decide on cake
  • Choose menu (and wine!)
  • Finish centrepieces
  • Order favours
  • Try on shoes
  • Get accessories
  • Get make-up
  • Have final hair trial
  • Discuss photography styles with photographer
  • Sort out music situation for reception
  • Decide on ceremony music
  • Make orders of service
  • Seating plan (I have had a vague idea of this in my head since we got engaged, and I don’t even know who’s going to be there!)

And I guess this stress is why I’m up at 1.40 am, creating a blog, when I should be asleep. Getting up in a little over 4 hours and have a hectic day at work, followed by a work event. I just want to wear out my brain.


About belleepoquewedding

Event planner in the final stages of planning my own eccentric, DIY-filled, quirky yet traditional wedding.

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