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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Let’s Get Some Shoes

Today I ventured into the rather daunting Harvey Nicols in Edinburgh, made my way up one escalator, got a bit lost, found my way back onto the next escalator, and finally stumbled upon the shoe department. I needed Louboutins, and I needed them now! Actually, I just needed to try the wonderful things on, make sure they fit, and promptly brief my poor dad on the size and style to get.


Not the actual ones I've gone for!

I almost cried when they fit me perfectly, my pupils turned heart-shaped, and the lovely and very helpful sales girl got really excited when I told them they were for my wedding. I can’t wait to get the all-important shoe pics on the day.


Stressed and sleepless

Hello! Welcome to the wedding blog. We’ve been meaning to make this since we got engaged, but, like a lot of engaged couples, we had about a year of not really thinking about wedding stuff, bar the initial bookings, and now we’re up against the wire.

Obviously we weren't too busy to let Mario snap a few engagement shots

Okay, so there’s just under 12 weeks to go. Invitations (my future mother-in-law keeps yelling at me for saying ‘invites) were sent last week, dress is safely stored at my parents’, fascinator/veil has been made, so we’re pretty set, but I still feel like I have a million things to do:

  • Make flowers
  • Make bouquets from said flowers
  • Decide on cake
  • Choose menu (and wine!)
  • Finish centrepieces
  • Order favours
  • Try on shoes
  • Get accessories
  • Get make-up
  • Have final hair trial
  • Discuss photography styles with photographer
  • Sort out music situation for reception
  • Decide on ceremony music
  • Make orders of service
  • Seating plan (I have had a vague idea of this in my head since we got engaged, and I don’t even know who’s going to be there!)

And I guess this stress is why I’m up at 1.40 am, creating a blog, when I should be asleep. Getting up in a little over 4 hours and have a hectic day at work, followed by a work event. I just want to wear out my brain.